Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So my resolution for the new year is to work more with the CPS clickers. It is such a fun way to get the students excited about working. After creating a few quizzes I have some issues/concerns. My first issue is what to do for students who are waiting around for others to answer. Also, I can't however figure out how to import pictures and/or graphics, so that I can do more with them in math. Does anyone have any helpful advice or websites that could help me.


Joseph Miller said...

I was at Alsup today when Ms. Sealy was using CPS and you could hear the students screaming in delight all across the building. I applaud you for taking the risk with this technology. The students were clearly engaged.

Try organize the students in groups and have them solve problems that are more difficult together and then answer. Give the groups slightly more challenging problems that might require working together.

Have the students write the question in their math journals first and solve it (showing their work). Then, allow the students to click in (keep the answers hidden until the students have solved the problem).

Try to have the students reteach after revealing an answer. That way they are not just moving on after each question, but one of the students that gets it right has to come to the SmartBoard and show their colleagues how they go the right answer.

I think there are even better ideas in the questioning document I sent you. I bet Dave T will have some good ideas too.


Dave Tarwater said...


Yahoo, 21st Century student engagement. Regarding graphics in your clicker lessons I will be glad to meet with you, it is really easy to insert picture files and video\audio files. I will send you an email so we can coordinate a date and time. Have you tried setting the timer feature when the class is responding to questions? Using the SmartBoard with the CPS software is a really good way to reteach and to make sure the students are getting it. You and your students can interact on the Board right in the CPS software.