Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SMART AirLiner

I've been using a SMART AirLiner with my students the last few weeks and it's been a great asset to student learning on the SMARTBoard. The AirLiner is basically a wireless digitizing tablet specially designed for the SMARTBoard and its software. It enables you (or your students) to write on or manipulate anything on the computer wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom. As an elementary math teacher, I have found it very useful to have the students write problems and solutions from their desk using the AirLiner and allowing the rest of the class to see the work projected on the SMARTBoard at the same time. It's a great motivator for students to finish their work and be able to "show off" their solution in a hands-on, cool way for the everyone else to see. Of course, the SMARTLessons are then saved and posted online for the world to see, which they love. The AirLiner also allows me, as a teacher, to walk seamlessly around the room as we work through lessons on the SMARTBoard. With no wires, I can carry it around the room and monitor behavior, notetaking, and self-work problems while still being "connected" to the SMARTBoard, web, videos, activities, etc.

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Jeff Lewis said...

I have seen these online and would love to mess around with one, I am glad you have already. The SmartBoard is great, but to have the ability to be mobile with that kind of technology is cool. Thanks.