Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elementary Math Lessons

I've decided to post some of my recent lessons with the kids at Central Elementary. I've been focusing on using the SMARTBoard to create interactive lessons that engage the students with related CPS "clicker" assessments. I've included some 3rd through 5th grade SMARTNotebook lessons on Geometry and Measurement along with some CPS Clicker Assessments related to each.

4th/5th Grade Geometry

4th/5th Grade Measurement

3rd Grade Geometry

3rd Grade Measurement

CPS Clicker Assessments

(these are all the assessments I've used from grades 3-5 this year, CPS seems to clump them all together in the same database)


Dave Tarwater said...

Good stuff, the SmartBoard has so many applications. I can hardly wait to use the new features in the new version 10 software coming out sometime this spring. Thanks for sharing.

Wesley Robinson said...

Thanks Andrew! 5th grade at Monaco will be using some of the lessons you created- they will be great CSAP reviews. We will try to share some of things we have made too.

Kelly Schwichtenberg said...

Great work Andrew! We are starting measurement and money in one week and I hope to adapt some of your great ideas to suit first grade. Thanks for sharing.

Mac said...

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