Thursday, November 29, 2007

Need Some Ideas

Every several weeks I see Dave Tarwater bringing some new tool (wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, etc.) It is like Christmas, the kids and I get really excited to see what we can do to use the technology in the classroom.
I just discovered the tools and graphics in the Smartboard software, they are awesome! We used one in Math to do division, it turned out great, the kids were way into it. We used another one in Science about the states of water.
1. I would like to start using blogs in my classes. I am familiar with, and have used blogger to create blogs for classes I teach during the summer, I really like it. I have looked at bloggmiester and gaggle blogs, is anyone using anything other than blogger in class? If you are what do you like not like?

2. I would like to have my students communicate with another class somewhere else in the world as part of our Weather unit next year and our plants unit (kind of like pen-pals). Does anyone have websites or resources of where I can find other Science teachers around the world that would be interested in collaborating in this way??


Dave Tarwater said...

A good option for #2 might be epals. It is a safe way to have students communicate with classrooms around the world. It has many cool features and is easy to setup and manage. I just did a search for middle school science classes in the US that are looking for partnering classes and got this result: Found 2,078 matches for the following criteria:
Description keywords: science; Country/Territory: United States; Language(s): English; Just go to to set up your free teacher account. I would like to help you with this project.

Matt said...

I used classblogmeister for about two years and really liked it. This year I started having students use, which has been working out well. My early reaction is that students (I teach 11&12 grade English) have an easier time using 21classes.

Joseph Miller said...

I have looked at 21classes. I think the interface looks great. Love to see you become the expert on this tool with students. Here is a really great resource too:

That site has lots of forms and suggestions about working with parents.

Jeff Lewis said...

I am using blogger and am not crazy about it honestly. I feel married to it for this year, but will look at edublogger for next year I think. I am using epals with my fourth graders. We have connected with a fifth grade class in England and am communicating with them on a regular basis. I highly recommend it. You can also use epals to create a class blog as well. All of these services recently became free.