Friday, November 2, 2007

Great SmartBoard Resources

I have been implementing the SmartBoard into 100% of my elementary math lessons and would like to report some experiences. It seemed to take the kids a while to get over the "wow" factor of the cool things we can do with an interactive whiteboard. Also, it takes a few tries to successfully write on the board for the kids, especially math problems, shapes, graphs, etc. But, after getting into the meat of the school year, I couldnt see myself teaching without one of these things. We now seamlessly go from taking notes, to seeing visuals, to manipulating numbers and shapes, to testing what we've learning without leaving the SmartBoard.

I've posted some lessons I've created on Central's website, and also would like to share some great web resources, where teachers from around the world have created SMART lessons for us to "borrow" especially created for standards-based interactive learning.


Dave Tarwater said...

Way to go Andrew, sounds like the students are engaged and learning content via the SmartBoard. Have you done any recording of student activities or lessons with the Smart Recorder?

Mr. Tomas said...

Looks good. I feel the same way, I dont know if I could go back to teaching w/out the smartboard.

Joseph Miller said...

Also checkout: