Thursday, November 8, 2007

3 months down ...

Hi everyone. Im going to jump on the 3 month down bandwagon and leave a few reflections.

Some of the early frustrations in using the gizmo's and laptop carts were short lived. With practice the students have gotten better at loging into the website and actually doing the work. The feedback I have gotten from the kids is great. They seem to like the change of pace of using technology instead of same ol boring books. The things I have used most in class have been the smartboard and gizmo's. I did an internet scavenger hunt that was great, and found some math games like "who wants to be a math millionaire" to play on short days. Some things I would like to get better at using is my class website and blog.

I have learned that high school kids will not visit this stuff on their own time, but if I make it part of the class, then they enjoy it. I made the students reflect on the year and answer some questions on the class blog as part of the final exam. Check it out and see some of their answers. I posted formula sheets on the website and offered extra credit and let them use it in tests if they went online and printed it.

Im excited to be a part of this group and im looking forward to reading about what everyone else is doing. Lets make the next 2/3 rds even better


Dave Tarwater said...

Great reflections! What strategies could we use to get students to engage outside of the classroom? That is this week's $64 question.

Jeff Lewis said...

Time seems to be the magic element here. As our students are exposed to technology through the grade levels, it will become more a part of their educational lives. I was discussing with someone the other day that just a few short years ago, we were lucky if we had two working computers in our classrooms.

I loved math in high school, primarily because of a single great teacher I had. Keep up the great work Mr. Tomas.