Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr. Lewis' Fourth Grade Class Website up and running!

Here it is.... Exciting right?

(This is cross-posted on Mr. Lewis' World Learners blog)

I have all of the structure in place that I think I will need when the school year begins:

  • I was able to create a direct link to my Google calendar so that parents will be able to see what is going on throughout the year. I can update on Google calendar and it will automatically update on the website. I don’t know if there is a way to wrap text so that some of my entries, like “Back to School Night”, aren’t cut off.
  • I am planning on updating the “What’s Happening” page in addition to sending the updates home as a hard copy.
  • I used many of the links that Andrew has on his Central website for kid’s links, I thought they were great. Thank you Andrew…
  • I would really like to record the first few stories as podcasts and post them on the website next, with the intent of having students do that throughout the year. I am also planning on having students post their writing throughout the year on a classroom blog. Students could also react to each other’s writing as well. I haven’t quite worked out how that is going to look yet.

This is my first crack at creating a website, so any suggestions would be appreciated.



Emily Taylor said...

Wow! I am impressed with your website, Jeff! I got a couple of ideas that I can use on my own website (hope you don't mind). I found your site easy to read and use. My only suggestions are to look at a couple of the pages where a photo of Alsup seems to be missing and add them, and to look at your contact information again. Did you mean to leave the last digits of your phone number as question marks? Thanks for sharing your website with us, it gives me motivation to finish my own!

Joseph Miller said...


Good looking site! I am impressed with the calendar. All your parents with Google Accounts can subscribe to your calendar and be informed when it is updated (a nifty advantage of a Google Calendar over the calendar template in Contribute).

I checked out some of the student projects. Cool stuff. I would encourage you to upload student slideshows to Then, the viewer does not need PPT and also these can be integrated into a blog like a picture or video.

The site seems well organized and ready for content.

Great work!


Andrew Palmer said...

Nice work Jeff, I like the idea of a "What's Happening" or "What's New" page, where students and parents can quickly and easily get important news, upcoming events, etc. I am hoping to integrate Google calendar the same way you have for Central Elementary, so anyany teacher can access/update activities. I'm looking forward to posted activities throughout the upcoming year.

Tonia Johnson said...

This is a great looking site! It has a lot of information that your parents (and colleagues) will love. I love your student work!