Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Central Elementary Technology Program Website

(This post is cross-listed at Central Elementary's Technology Blog)

I've created a Technology Program page for Central Elementary School. The page can be found on Central's main website under the 'Programs' tab. I've uploaded my created lessons, research papers, and links pertaining to educational technology. Feel free to use any lessons or ideas, read research topics, and engage in the tech blog. There will be a section for student-created work as the school year goes along, and students and instructors will update blog topics and links. Please check out the site and leave some comments for improvements.


Joseph Miller said...

Really great lessons. I reviewed the lesson plans and the supporting materials and found the materials cohesive and useful.

A couple of thoughts: (1) Where the United Streaming videos are suggested I think it would be a good idea to suggest a particular clip and a potential discussion question. That way we are encouraging teachers to not use an entire 30 minute video. (2) I downloaded the CPS assessment. That is really cool that you can share that. For in class lessons and pre-tests this could be a valuable way to share resources. I did notice that graphics do not come with the CPS document. I suppose the best way to handle that is to create a folder for the CPS assessments that will be shared. Zip the folder and share the zip file. That way everything stays together and the whole package can be shared. Not sure if that will work...curious to hear what people learn. (3) The school kit lessons are cool and a nice addition to the lesson. Might want to add the ebook number so the teachers can try it out first.

I hope a lot of teachers will use these lessons and we can get some feedback on how it work for them.

Andrew Palmer said...

Thanks Joe. Yeah, let me work on getting the CPS assessments into a downloadable folder so that pictures/sound/videos/etc stay intact to the lesson seamlessly.

I debated on how to suggest United Streaming videos - since you have to log in each time, direct links weren't working well. I may try and find some keywords that, when entered into United Streaming, will bring the user right to the desired clip. Another great suggestion.

Any other Global Learners have some suggestions or ideas on how to handle lessons such as these?