Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Box.net - Online Storage and File Sharing

Box.net makes it easy to get your files from anywhere you have an internet connection. Once you've uploaded your files to Box, you can also share them with anyone, or just keep them safe for as long as you want. The free personal account allows for 1GB of storage. This may be a way for students to store and share files for your classes. It has many features including a widget that can be posted on your blog as I have done with this post. Do you see any applications for you and your students?


Jeff Lewis said...

I was just reading about using gmail as a storage area for files, thinking how convenient that would be. This is much better. Last year I stored all of my students' work on my network drive, but it required that I be signed in as jdlewis, (not stars) in order for students to access it. I see myself setting up a classroom account and using this exclusively for student file storage so that students could easily access files from anywhere.

Tonia Johnson said...

We definiately need storage for students. In the past Dave has helped me save to the network, but I have to make sure my wireless point was working and that I was in a lab that could attach to the network (the library for example couldn't). Being able to store information on the internet is important if students want to work on things from home, you need to switch labs or computer carts, or students are working in groups and the whole group needs access (instead of just the person with the USB drive). Using things like this or the google docs feature are great ways for students to easily access their stuff...and take pressure off of teachers in planning for the little details.

Joseph Miller said...

Great post. We have definitely been leaning towards network logins and storage space for all students, but this may be a more 21st century alternative.