Thursday, April 12, 2007

Will you live long enough?

I came across an interesting post in Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed. As educators should we be excited or depressed about the shifts occurring in our environment? Do the majority of educators believe that the world of our current students will be much different and that we are obliged to prepare them for their new world by folding in Web 2.0 learning experiences and tools? Some believe that educators are and have always been reluctant to change, that we do need to keep teaching pretty much the same as we always have. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Will you feel like Moses may have felt, or are you poised to accept the challenges of 21st Century Learning and Teaching?


HL said...

Acceptance of change as a theme grabs my attention.
I couldn't agree more that technology is increasing the rate of change and the learning culture of our students!

As a consequence of this need to adapt and expand my bag of tricks, I love the questions, links, project ideas, and more that you are offering us. Keep them coming. I may not always be able to respond to them immediately or find the support for each, but I have them and will followup when and where I can.
In my classes, we have had the discussion about locating and using the best sources for research purposes. In addition, we have had the discussion about the relative merits of Wikipedia. I have advised my students that it's OK as a first place to start if they know nothing on a topic but that they should also consult expert opinion online encyclopedias as well. If they need facts or statistics, a great link continues to be Moreover, my classes will be creating their own research techniques Wiki this term.

Joseph Miller said...

I am excited to hear about the results. Please come back and give updates!

Dave Tarwater said...

Thanks for your comments hl. Your research techniques wiki sounds like a great way to have your students collaborate. Hope you continue to participate in the Global Learner blog.