Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adams 14 Launches Global Learner Initiative

I am excited to announce that Adams 14 is launching an ambitious program to propel teaching and learning into the 21st Century. The program, Global Learners, is aimed at increasing student achievement and 21st Century skills by increasing the availability of technology to teachers and students and the use of technology in the classroom.

The grant is funded by both district technology funds and a competive grant CDE (Federal block grant awarded to states under Title II Part D). The program will initially focus on 26 teachers district-wide. Nine teachers from the math department at Adams City High School, eight teachers from the 6th grade at Kearney Middle School, and nine teachers that self-select to participate in the program. Teachers that participate in the program will receive a laptop, projector, SmartBoard, and extensive professional development on integrating technology in the standards-based classroom and effectively using 21st Century tools with students.

Checkout the website.


Todd said...

Hey... I forgot to ask who I had to bribe to be a part of this! ;)


Michele said...

This is such an exciting opportunity! When will we know if we have been scheduled for an interview?