Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Global Competitiveness Discussed at National Governor's Initiative Meeting

Today at a National Governor's Association meeting in Cupertino, California governors, their representatives, and experts in the field of technology discussed how education can adapt to prepare students for the workplace of the future. Discussants at the event, sponsored by Symantec, concluded that an increased emphasis on innovation, math, science, and technology in America's public schools was the only way to stay competitive in the future. Janet Napolitano, the current chair of the National Governors Association, Napolitano established the "Innovation America" initiative. Innovation America's goal is to come up with a list of strategies to enhance innovation and global competition by each state.

Napolitano suggested it was time for a change stating that the content of courses and method for teaching has not changed since she was in school. Do you believe that math and science are the focus that can maintain America's competitive edge in the global economy? Do you believe it is time for shift in teaching strategy? What do you think should be the focus of K-12 education? What strategies do you believe should be introduced into teaching to the K-12 student?

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