Saturday, February 21, 2009

I just thought I'd share my experiences using the live webinars from Classroom 2.o. This weekend I participated in a discussion on VoiceThreads in the classroom. Classroom 2.0 uses a software called Eluminate which has really nice functionality. I learned a lot more about voicethreads and how they can help foster transformative learning practices through collaboration. I see the real strength in VoiceThreads as an opportunity for students to gather feedback and reflect metacognitively on their projects. Here's a little VoiceThread I put together with some screen captures from the webinar. Here's the link:


Joseph Miller said...


Nice presentation of voicethread. Looking for a follow-up with your use of VT. I can see endless uses, especially with all the intentional vocabulary building you do with your students.


Dave Tarwater said...


A great Web 2.0 tool that we may be under using? Bill Ferriter, a 6th grade language arts teacher sites a study delving into k12 students "unrelenting desire to interact" that for him reinforces his use of tools like VoiceThread. Bill has a wiki with all the details.

Kelly Berry said...

Thanks Jon! I'll be watching for updates on VoiceThread from others. I'm also open to collaboration with other teachers!

Mrs. Heaton's Blog said...

I watched the taped VT show on classroom 2.0 (I wish they would move those webinars to Sunday morning...Saturday is so difficult to attend). I definitely got some good ideas off of it and have been playing around. I am collaborating with a teacher in our district on a newspaper article about distict wide uniforms next year, which we will tackle with our students right after our state writing assessment test next week. I am happy to be an out of state contact for anyone wishing to collaborate on a voicethread. I don't have an immediate ideas but am open to anything.

Eve Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School
Beaufort, SC