Friday, February 27, 2009

Digital Blooms OR Dang, Why Didn't I Think of This!

Another shoutout for Twitter for pointing me to this visual combining Bloom's with Web 2.0 tools. Credit to Mike Fisher who is coining the term digigogy: "Where pedagogy is about methods to instruct, Digigogy is about those methods, but with a technological frame."

Could a visual like this be used to help our colleagues understand the power of these tools? I am thinking this would be a great visual for the induction training we did in January, new GL training in the future or other tech PD opportunities.

What do you think: Great visual, or mish mash that nobody but technophiles can appreciate? Mike's blog post is here.


Kelly Berry said...


Great visual! I use the taxonomy pyramid frequently when I create projects - this just puts it into "tech" terms!

Joseph Miller said...


I am starting to wonder if as we develop lessons that integrate technology with the existing Adams 14 curriculum if we shouldn't be deliberate about where we are on Blooms and where we are on Digital Blooms. It seems obvious, but I will say it anyway...this would help us be deliberate about using the tools that most appropriately match with our learning objectives. Cool.

Liz Springer said...

This is excellent! It really helps me get an idea about how to use various web2.0 applications in an educational way. I also see some apps on there I haven't heard of, so I'm definitely going to check those out! Thanks Jeff.

Dave Tarwater said...

I hear you Jeff, why didn't we think of this?? The revised Bloom's Taxonomy is showing up all over the web. I find it very telling that in the new version the description of the levels have changed from nouns to verbs. This reminds me that 21st Century learners have grown up thinking of "Google" as a verb rather than a noun. I think we should begin to look at the revised Bloom's in a serious manner.

Mary said...

This connects to Digigody: