Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! CPS Clickers Math Lessons

My school is a big fan of the CPS Clickers system, and we regularly squabble over who gets to use the few sets of remotes. We have found it's a bit tricky to share lessons, but here is my attempt to get some of the ones I've written out there. They're rather mixed, but most are general quizzes/reviews that would be appropriate for grade 3 though 5, as I have a 4th grade class. Some of the lessons are labeled by subject, but many are general reviews. One could use them as a engaging review or more serious quiz. In my class we will often assemble into small groups, where each group shares a remote, so that students can cooperate on the questions. To download the database, go to my class' website, and then right click "Save link as." There's probably a better way to post and download it, but I haven't quite figured it out. Happy 2009!

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Dave Tarwater said...


Good clicker lessons. Don't forget we have clicker sets of up to 100 pads to check out if your school runs short.