Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a google site on how to create google site(s)...

Hi all. I have created this site in preparation

for the teacher workshop

I'm giving on the 31st.

Your feedback would be appreciated.



Joseph Miller said...


I really liked the site. I took a pretty quick tour and noticed the following. It did not seem to work very well in Chrome on my computer. I suspect it is my computer, but you might want to check it some time. Not a problem for the training because I doubt the high school computers have chrome on them. I couldn't see the presentation or spreadsheet. It was asking for a login. Maybe these docs aren't published. I think that is a requirement.

I think the site is amazing. It shows how truly useful a site like this can be. Way to lead by example. I loved the motorcycle tour. Is that a helmet camera?

Thanks for this!

Dave Tarwater said...

Great resource for all of us, thanks Doug. I have linked to your site from mine, I will be using it in my trainings, thanks again.

doug.abshire said...

Hey Joe. Presentation / spreadsheet docs etc should be OK w/o login since they are now "published." Let me know if this is not the case.

All workshop participants will also be invited as "owners" for full access.

Don't know about chrome, still using firefox. BTW, I have a small cam that I mount on the handlebars of the motorcycle.


Joseph Miller said...

BTW: That spider gadget was so cool!

Joseph Miller said...

That worked!