Monday, October 20, 2008

Planet Film Fest

As a culminating project for an IB unit on the Solar System, my students created a Photostory (and one PowerPoint) about a planet. We are just finishing publishing to our class blog and are holding a "Planet Film Fest" on Friday. I realize you all are working (duh), but I invite you and your students to take a look at the videos and comment. I feel the need to do a better job of connecting family members into this process, since most of my students don't have computers at home, so I am sending home invitations today (screenshot is on the right). I am hoping I get a good showing of parents, grandparents etc. on Friday. I am also planning on creating DVDs for students to take home (any suggestions on the best way to do that?) In a future post, I will reflect a little and post some resources I used to facilitate the process.

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Ms. Hughes said...

Jeff... Great idea. I will share this with Marc (I'm sure you remember him.)because he is the fourth grade solar system teacher. My students will have him later in the year and I will encourage them to check these out.