Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glets and the Smartboard

I continue to constantly look for ways to incorporate the Glets and the Smartboard.
My students love the Smartboard and never get bored of it. Thanks to Lisa Kellogg,
I am now using new activities with my class AND they follow the GLETS! One activity that I use is called Vortex. I used it this week when I taught proper nouns. The students loved it, and learned what a proper noun was! Another activity I do is very similar to Hangman. I use this with our High Frequency Words. Students are responsible for recognizing and spelling these HFW. This is a great activity because it really helps with spelling. I have students stop and pair/share each time we get a letter. Students are working together to recognize the HFW and spell it.
Both of these activities are fun and hit a GLET. Thanks Lisa!


Jeff Lewis said...


These activities sound great. Could you add some links so I could take a look? I am always looking for ways to better integrate literacy into teaching with technology.


Obe H said...

Check out the SMART Board Revolution Ning for SMART board ideas and resources at