Monday, April 14, 2008

Attention all SmartNotebook users

Tomorrow (April 15) Smarttech is releasing the new version 10 of the smartnotebook software. I have been using the beta version 10 and really like some of the new features. Among Notebook 10's new features are a variety of composition, presentation, and creativity tools, including a tool for creating tables; "Magic Pen" for spotlighting, magnifying, and zooming images; an "Active Alignment" tool for aligning objects accurately; and a new pen for creating shapes freehand. It also includes additional multimedia features, such as the ability to animate any Notebook object and to record and play back presentations step by step.

You can download the new version 10 beginning April 15, 2008 on the Smarttech site.


Anonymous said...

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Nicole Stokke said...

WOW! I'm fried. There is so much information and it's so exciting, I just don't know where to start! I think the sessions today were helpful and, of course, loaded with tons of information. There are so many awesome opportunities on the internet for teachers and students and I'm very excited to get my kids rolling on blogging, using wikis and, possibly, Skype.