Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Amazing Resource

Hello everyone,
Just because I am not in Adams 14 anymore does not change how I feel about finding and sharing amazing resources. The first resource helps secondary teacher s and the second helps all reading teachers in K-8. I bolded them just in case you do not feel like reading and just want to go directly to them.
The first one is It has great inquiry based lessons for core subjects and aligns with the standards. It has won all kinds of awards.
Language arts teachers....I AM ABOUT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!
Go to the writing reviser....copy and paste and writing and checks all kinds of grammar, tells you how many simple, compound, complex, compound sentences along with some great grammar that aligns with the daily grammar you do.
The other great find that already has lessons formatted in the I-do, we do, you do format.
I will continue to follow the Global Learners Blog. I learn so much from everyone.


Kelly Berry said...

Thank you for sharing Penny! I have previewed SAS Curriculum Pathways and I agree it looks awesome! Thank you for the tip on the writing reviser - I will definitely take a look! I haven't heard of and will definitely check it out and share with our teachers. Thanks again! (If you have your own blog/website let me know!)

Penny said...

Hi Kelly,
As soon as I get more settled, I will set up a site and blog. The Global Learners BLog has taught me so much. I beleive that in order for all schools to perform better, collaborating instead of competing is the best way.
Please let me know how these resources worik for you. I think in the social studies section their is a tool that creates a way for analyzing.