Friday, March 7, 2008

Poetry Wiki

I'm not sure how everyone else is holding up this month, but I am totally CSAPed out and exhausted. My third graders finished testing that is good! Good luck to you all and the testing yet to come.

I've also been having some technology blues lately-I start a project and then don't finish it, or encounter some issues that I didn't expect, and spend too much time on something ridiculous. Does this happen to anyone else?

One thing I am excited about is the poetry wiki I created. So far my students have published their acrostic name poems there. Soon they will comment on them on the wiki. Please visit and leave your comments if you are so inclined! I decided to use wet paint, which Kelly S. recommended to me. I like how it looks visually, but discovered it doesn't allow for Voki widgets. Oh well, I guess I will keep searching for my favorite wiki site. Any suggestions?


Chris Marchetti said...

I like your poetry wiki, it looks good and your students poetry was pretty cute to. I have used wikispaces most for wikis in my classes. They didn't look as nice as yours, but I love the functionality. They also are giving away wikis to educators for free

Jon Fisher said...

Great Wiki! What a fun way to connect students to poetry in a personal way. The acrostics are a great opening activity!

Anonymous said...
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Joseph Miller said...


Cool wiki. I appreciate how you bring your passion for poetry into the classroom and now are trying to expand student exposure by putting it on the Internet.

As I was commenting on the student writing I got to thinking about the feedback process. What is the next step for the students? If they receive comments will they re-write and edit? Is the comment section mostly about student self-esteem?

No matter what it is a great activity and it is great that you shared it.

Emily Taylor said...

Joe, thanks for your comments-wow! My students were so excited to read your comments about their poems. They are writing responses to your comments, and will have the opportunity to revise their poems, or write a new acrostic name poem if they choose.

Anonymous said...
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Jill Minzak said...

Emily - I love your poetry wiki! My student teacher and I were enviously reading and we've been brainstorming on how to add some of my kiddo's poetry to our class website. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get me back in the groove.

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