Friday, February 8, 2008

Quiet, but on my way back.

Well, I had become somewhat overwhelmed in the fall. I chose to take a step back with how much my students and I produced. We have been working with many of our technological resources, just not showing everyone.

This week Cameron Weise came through and video-taped our first lesson. I'm sure many of you may agree this isn't necessarily the most comfortable situation. The students did well as they navigated through the First Grade Explorations My Space Wiki page.

The main objective was for the students to apply their knowledge of the cardinal directions why gaining an understanding of vastness of the world. As we look at a map the United States, and I already said it was the U.S., the students innocently ask, "Where is the United States?" They still have a long ways to go to develop their awareness of the globe, but this class definitely has had more exposure than my classes in the past!

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Joseph Miller said...


Really looking forward to seeing the video (I hear it will become part of a segment on Channel 8). I can tell there is really great stuff going on in your classroom. Love ready the blog and seeing what kids are up to.